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Morris-Thorne wormholes in static pseudo-spherically symmetric spacetimes

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AUTOR(ES): Cataldo, Mauricio / Liempi, Luis / Rodríguez, Pablo.
Licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento CC BY. Esta obra está bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento CC BY 4.0 Internacional.

In this paper we study classical general relativistic static wormhole configurations with pseudospherical symmetry. We show that in addition to the hyperbolic wormhole solutions discussed by Lobo and Mimoso in the Ref. Phys. Rev. D 82, 044034 (2010), there exists another wormhole class, which is truly pseudo-spherical counterpart of spherical Morris-Thorne wormhole (contrary to the Lobo-Mimoso wormhole class), since all constraints originally defined by Morris and Thorne for spherically symmetric wormholes are satisfied. We show that, for both classes of hyperbolic wormholes the energy density, at the throat, is always negative, while the radial pressure is positive, contrary to the spherically symmetric Morris-Thorne wormhole. Specific hyperbolic wormholes are constructed and discussed by imposing different conditions for the radial and lateral pressures, or by considering restricted choices for the redshift and the shape functions. In particular, we show that an hyperbolic wormhole can not be sustained at the throat by phantom energy, and that there are pseudo-spherically symmetric wormholes supported by matter with isotropic pressure and characterized by space sections with an angle deficit (or excess).

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