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Motor skills and nutritional status outcomes from a physical activity intervention in short breaks on preschool children conducted by their educators: a pilot study

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AUTOR(ES): Matías Monsalves-Álvarez / Mauricio Castro-Sepúlveda / Rafael Zapata-Lamana / Giovanni Rosales-Soto / and Gabriela Salazar.
Licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento CC BY. Esta obra está bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento CC BY 4.0 Internacional.

Introduction: childhood obesity is a worldwide health concern. For this issue different intervention have being planned to increase physical activity patterns and reduce the excess of weight in children with limited or no success. Objective: the aim of this study is to evaluate the results of a pilot intervention consisting in three 15-minute breaks conducted by educators and supervised by physical education teachers on motor skills and nutritional status in preschool children. Methods: sample was 70 preschool children (32 boys and 38 girls), age 4 ± 0,6 years. The physical activity classes were performed three times a week, 45 minutes daily, distributed in three 15 minutes breaks. The circuits were planned to have; jumps, sprints, carrying medicinal balls, gallops and crawling. Motor skill tests that were performed Standing long jump (SLJ) and Twelve meter run. Results: with the intervention no significant differences in nutritional status where found on mean Z score (boys p=0.49, girls p=0.77). An increment on weight and height was fount after the intervention (p<0.0001) suggesting
the increment of power independent of weight

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